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Dmv Employee Takes Halloween to the Next Level

We all have those holidays that we get stuck working and we’d rather be out partying with the rest of the population. Well, this DMV employee from San Diego made it much more bearable. How often do you get a hilarious costume that perfectly embodies what everyone else feels about your career.

Yup, that’s right, that’s our good friend Flash Slothmore from Disney’s Zootopia. It’s always great to see this kind of unexpected humor during the scariest time of the year. We’ve all had those times where we’ve been stuck in lines that seem to move just like a sloth and I’m sure I’m not the only one that got anxiety during this scene of the film.

These images were originally found off Reddit and the posts have already gone viral reaching to almost 2 million views already! If that wasn’t crazy enough, it was posted twice! By two separate people at the DMV, both posted at the same time.

All I can say is, thank you San Diego DMV Employee, you’ve made our day.

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